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Todd will talk philosophy, theology, technology, music, and most of all things that make him laugh

the godfather of reality distortion

On Saturday I bumped into a few of my book club buddies from my last job. We had a good time catching up on books and other things. One of the books we read back in the day was Walter Issacson's Steve Jobs biography. I loved the book but really…

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my face is not red

A few years ago I was in a rock band. Our philosophy was to "look like we were in the band." Some days I did that by wearing red pants. Rock and roll as I might, I still had a day job. Some days, I wore my red pants to…

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back on the ironman track

In 2012, I raced my first 1/2 Ironman. Quick summary, I was happy to finish but ran out of gas in the run and thought I could do better. finishing it in 2012 In the second half of 2013 I focused on strength training. I really liked how the…

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more and better times with your friends

Here is a video of one of the talks I gave at Toastmasters. Usually I discuss the interesting and the rediculous but this time I got serious. According to Lifeboat, the average teenager spends 30% of his time with friends. And the average adult? 4% Why is there such a…

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Hi all. I have moved my blog to the Ghost platform. Wordpress is nice too but I like this cleaner, more modern feel. As such, I am hoping to post some more posts. It even has a nice mobile-friendly editor so I'll be trying that out as I'm next to…

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tough, tough, tough

Do any of you, faithful readers, remember Tough Mudder?  I've completed and blogged about it twice now.  I've even won Toastmasters contests talking about it.  It's one of my favorite races. This past weekend was round three with a team that included a couple of first-timers.  I'm sure they considered…

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