my face is not red

A few years ago I was in a rock band. Our philosophy was to "look like we were in the band." Some days I did that by wearing red pants.

Rock and roll as I might, I still had a day job. Some days, I wore my red pants to work. Red pants were not super common so when I noticed a couple of coworkers with similar fashion sense, I had no choice but to form a red pants club.

-- the inagural club

Fast forward a couple of years... I got a new job, a new pair of red pants, and formed a new club.

The other guy in this photo just happened to wear red pants on this day. True story. The club started to grow...

Unfortunately, someone in our club has a friend that works at Facebook. And they decided anything we could do, they could do better.

-- not us, this is the facebook club

Facebook, we are coming for you!

No, my face is not red. But my pants are.