Hi all. I have moved my blog to the Ghost platform. Wordpress is nice too but I like this cleaner, more modern feel.

As such, I am hoping to post some more posts. It even has a nice mobile-friendly editor so I'll be trying that out as I'm next to the TV in future days. Other plans include posting some of my Toastmasters speeches with supporting notes.

Also, I listen to several podcasts these days and many of them have such great content. I don't want to just ape them but I'll review some of my favorite episodes and link to them.

But for today, I'll get things (re) started with a few pics. Enjoy!

the end of our street

these were fantastic

a typical fall saturday morning for me

the "perfect" cookies

lots of chocolates

early meeting of the red pants club

couple miles from my house, lots of fire damage

my food container has something to say to me